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Posted on 2018-01-12, Category: About

When you buy Nigerian-made products, the proceeds remain in the Nigeria economy. The money you spend then pays the workers who directly or indirectly created the product you purchased. When workers spend their money on Nigerian-made products, the nairas continue to be recycled. Every Nigerian worker also pay taxes on wages earned in Nigeria.

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Posted on 2018-01-12, Category: About is a proficient platform that promotes and showcases Made in Nigeria Product. 1Market is where buyers around the world connect with Nigerian creative designers, sellers, distributors and service providers to shop for quality unique Made in Nigeria Products. The platform serves as a directory resource connecting patriotic consumers to Nigeria manufacturers, suppliers and exporters. 1Market is a world leading B2B2C portal, specializing in bridging the gap between global buyers and Nigeria suppliers. On this note, we are currently recruiting Sell on 1Market Become an Affiliate Partner Become a Sales Consultant Become a 1Market Vendor Service Provider

Call for 1Market Affiliate

Posted on 2018-01-12, Category: About is an e-commerce platform that promotes, showcases and sells Made-in-Nigeria Products; a marketplace where buyers around the world connect with Nigerian creative designers, sellers, distributors and service providers to shop for quality unique Made in Nigeria Products. 
In line with our vision to empower Youths and Entrepreneurs and grow Nigeria’s economy, announce its new opening for Support Department. 
We're teaming up with more than 1,000,000 Manufacturers/Distributors in 36 states across Nigeria including Abuja. Working with such magnitudes requires a willingness to collaborate and innovate. Our sellers extend from largest manufacturers to independent distributors, and their needs differs. We are seeking exceptional individuals to join our Sources, Sales & Support team.  
The ideal candidates for this programme will have a solid background in sales and marketing fundamentals. It is imperative that this person have a take-charge attitude, precise analytical skills, and a desire to be the boss of their own. Affiliates will focus on Manufactures/Distributors acquisition and sales of 1Market’s Products to customers around them.

LOCATION: 36 States across Nigeria plus FCT. You work in your domain.
Work from the comfort of your location

Register a Made-in-Nigeria Manufacturer/Distributor and earn commission on every sale made.
Make up to 10% bonus sales from vendors you signup on every sale they make
Also benefit 10% bonus share by selling 1Market’s products. 
Make money from Neighbours/Friends who produces a product in Nigeria.
Make money from Neighbours/Friends who need a particular product that 1Market sells.
Bank transfer as way of payment (i.e. your commission will be sent to you directly into your Nigeria bank account)
Professional team always ready to assist you.
A product feed with more than 5,000,000 products
The possibility to publish everywhere: Website, Blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter or even in a message/mail.

• Optimize all aspects of 1Market’s affiliate program through established and new networks.
• Source and manage Manufactures and Distributors. 
• Implement initiatives that enhances seller’s productivity, create new growth opportunities and increase Return on Investment.
• Communicate with sellers, answering inquiries about 1Market’s Platform and best practices.
• Manage, monitor and analyze Sellers on daily basis to optimize vendor’s activities and aggressively drive sales and make their own profit. 
• Run well-conceived marketing tests to help optimize vendor’s sales and retention; 
• Provide solution and assistance to sellers and motivate them to provide maximum exposure and revenues; 
• Supervise products, seller’s payments and communications.

Register Here  for pre-selection
If you are selected, a date will be communicated to you for an interview via your registered email.
NOTE: Registration/Application and Training is FREE.

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